The tragic real-life story of a killer whale 'Katina'

The tragic real-life story of a killer whale ‘Katina’

Think about living in captivity to perform for a group of tourists for the rest of your life. read more any animal click here

In October 1978, a killer whale name Katina caught off the coast of Ireland.

then Katina should only be a few years old. Naturally, I don’t know Killer whales are habitual animals, and in each herd there may be generations of whales living together.

But Katina arrested and held at marineland theme park in Canada.

Since hearing about Katina, I feel a bond with you. Maybe it’s because Katina arrested in the same month and year I was born, which means that her period of detention lasted as long as my lifetime.

Before my 1st birthday. SeaWorld Water Zoo buy Katina and move her to a water park in Ohio, Canada. (which is currently close). Katina transported between seaworld water zoo in Ohio and SeaWorld in San Diego, USA, until I was 6.

killer whale 'Katina'

It may sound strange, but I think when I was 7 years old, me and my family might have watched a Katina show at SeaWorld in Orlando. I watched the Shamu show along with hundreds of other tourists. Without knowing that Shamu was the name of a killer whale that died years ago. But the water zoo uses this name with every killer whale performing the show, and Katina is probably Shamu, who hits his tail with the water scattered at a group of tourists.

I left seaworld and went to another water zoo before flying home, but Katina was still there. Swimming in a cramped pond thousands of miles from her flock. She was fed with frozen fish and had to perform for tourists. Her daily life has never changed.

In 2013 The documentary film Blackfish unfolds the tragic life of the famous killer whale ‘Tillkum’ and the psychological trauma of being trapped in a cramped pond. As a result, killer whale shows are becoming less popular. However, killer whale breeding is still seen in many aquatic parks around the world. Later in 2016, SeaWorld The announcement ended the breeding of killer whales, but the event entertained tourists with the enforcement of other whale species and dolphin work continued in SeaWorld’s water zoos.

The most commonly adopted mammals are small dolphins (orcas or killer whales are large mammals in the dolphin family), with 80% of animals being held as bottle-mouthed dolphins (protagonists in the classic film Flipper).

The location is perfect. People’s acceptance of dolphin shows and dolphin swimming events has decreased markedly (a survey by the World Animal Protection Organization in 2019 found that people’s acceptance of swimming and dolphin activities has dropped from 67% to 58% in five years), but these small dolphins are still waiting for the chance to film a documentary about Blackfish that people around the world are watching for their suffering. Which is a smart social animal. Instead, work was enforced to entertain tourists.

Humans remember their own reflections in the mirror. At around 18 to 24 months of age, the self-knowing skills of bottleneck dolphins start at only 7 months of age. They show ingenuity many times. They have a large coexistence habit and complex social skills, but they are coerced into surfboarding or trained to jump through hoops in exchange for large frozen fish meat.

last month I went on a cruise and climbed in Scotland. I used binoculars to sweep around and saw the fins of the mink husk whale, the dolphinriso and the porcelain, so I could only see that fin, but I was so excited.

Last night of the trip After reading a lot of exciting messages about traveling down the coast, you’ll be unable to find a way to get there. I lifted the binoculars to the pointed head area. When I was about to take it down, My eyes glibly saw a herd of killer whales, six of them moving closely together. I could see them very clearly, and I thought of Katina, who had only swam in a narrow pond and had to be taken from the herd to perform a show in exchange for frozen fresh fish for as long as for the rest of my life.

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