How to sleep late without damaging your health

How to sleep late without damaging your health

Sleep late is  problems that are annoying.

Many people may have problems in allocating their life time. No matter what career you encounter problems that are annoying but can’t be solved, such as staying up late. especially in the freelance line or college students who have to work all night Solve the task as if playing Doing research in the morning or One Night Miracle.

Some people may have more than dawn. is to fight for many days until we can fully rest, our body is broken When it can’t be solved, let’s see how to deal with it. How to sleep late without damaging your health? (go more)

How to sleep late without damaging your health

1. Don’t sleep more than 2 a.m.

Many people like to work late at night. Or read a heavy book all day, we recommend you that no matter what, don’t sleep beyond 2 am because sleeping between 10 pm to 2 am is the time when our body sleeps deeply, which is what determines whether Are we effective at sleeping well? Because the time mentioned above is the period when growth hormone is secreted the most.

Growth hormone is a hormone that is responsible for repairing worn-out tissues and restoring tiredness. Sleeping before 2 am, making the growth hormone work well, our body will be less tired. down When you wake up, you can work more fully.

2. Vitamin B and C are the helpers.

To eat a healthy diet It is a good answer to the body. because when we sleep or stay up late often Hormonal levels in our body will fluctuate. especially hormones from the pineal gland that are modified This causes the body to stress and results in insomnia. so eat Foods rich in vitamins B and C, such as brown rice, vegetables, fruits, and freshly squeezed juices.

It will help resist stress and increase freshness. vitality to the body So if at any point we know that we will sleep late. a long time in the morning It is recommended that we have a bottle of freshly squeezed juice with you to add freshness to the body.

3. During the day, rest your eyes for a bit.

For anyone who is a lot of work Many projects need less sleep. and requires the brain to work We recommend a shortcut to restore sleepiness and refresh the brain to work fully in this way. That is Power Nap, a light sleep of 15-20 minutes that provides energy equivalent to 3 hours of sleep based on From the Ultradian Rhythm system, the basic principles of sleep That will consist of 90 minutes of deep sleep and 20 minutes of light sleep alternating. So shallow sleep causes illusions in the brain.

Makes the meditation come back well. Even though time is precious, but if our brains are tired, we can’t continue working. So if you’re feeling very tight, try taking a break for a while to give your brain a break to come back and think better.

4. Get at least 4 hours of sleep a day.

For anyone who really needs to stay up late, inevitably. Please try to find time Get at least 4 hours of sleep for the body to and the brain rests It is to maintain health so that the body does not deteriorate too much. For example, maybe sleeping late but waking up late instead. Because if we sleep too little, it may cause the body system to malfunction. and suddenly become ill

5. Recharge your energy with easy-to-digest and wholesome snacks.

Fruits will easy to digest and healthy food.

For foodies, you must definitely like this. If we need to stay up late, don’t starve or reduce food, because that will make us ineffective in working continuously. Research suggests that late-night snacking can help prolong sleep time. Because the body will release insulin after eating.

So it will wake us up more than before. But not that we can eat anything at night. It should be easy to digest and healthy food. So that our stomach does not work as hard as carbohydrates or vegetables, fruits, such as porridge, cereals, bananas, because even if you have to sleep less, it will help us sleep better. and wake up to work efficiently

6. Don’t drink too much caffeine.

Coffee type. Add shots. Must be enough first. Too much caffeine is not good for our body because the effect of caffeine lasts 6-8 hours after drinking, even if you drink it now, you will still feel sleepy. It also destroys health, causing systemic turbulence in the body. Try cutting back on your drinking and becoming more active. such as getting up and walking Because moving, it can solve sleepiness as well. Therefore, you should reduce the habit of drinking too much caffeine. One glass a day should be enough.

Work is important. but rest And taking care of yourself is also important. Because our body has only us, if we do not take care of who will take care of us. If necessary, work late. or live at night, don’t forget the way How to sleep late without damaging your health Let’s apply it together. Because there are many ways to deal with staying up late. But if it’s good, it should be enough rest. and live a balanced life so that there will be no health problems later